New Year, New Brand

Our newly crafted website and logo rebrand reflects our story as we approach our fifth year as an agency.

From working with Polleni on this project, the outcome is a reflection of what TONG represent to us and to our clients. We chose a brand restructure that reflects the cross-cultural nature of TONG, something that we are very proud of that is at the forefront of our identity. Designing and developing a logo for our new SaaS WeCommerce initiative was also at the heart of the rebranding journey.

The new TONG logo
The new TONG logo

The Chinese character 通 TONG means to connect, inform, communicate, understand and make clear. It also described something that is open, logical, coherent and workable. We like to think our work reflects all these qualities and more.

Throughout the rebranding process, our customer research proved to us that our experience and personal expertise in China is at the front of our client’s confidence and trust in us to guide them to success in China, which speaks to our company values of transparency and communication. The creative web design that we have procured has been crucial for cementing our brand strategy and the TONG identity. It translates our knowledge and expertise to clients and future clients across the world.

Our Wecommerce logo
Our Wecommerce logo

Polleni helped us curate our brand strategy and create a brand identity from the perspective of a ‘journey from West to East’. The space in between these two points from start to China, is the paved road to success that we lead our clients down. Our logo also speaks to these two levels, a Latin-based mark with a Chinese flair, a nod to both Eastern and Western cultures.


We built the TONG brand around the bridge between west and east and the strong values of dynamic professionalism that the founders James and Adam embody. One challenge for us was working with Chinese characters, but as we were working with experts on China, we had all the guidance we needed on hand. TONG were a pleasure to work with on all aspects of the project. Clear and concise with ideas, comments and feedback.

The layout of our mobile site
The layout of our mobile site
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