Social meets sales with our end-to-end
WeChat eCommerce solutions.

Links between social media and online spending are closer than ever.

This means converting your online presence into direct sales has never been more achievable. Recent demographic, technological and political developments have made it possible to make huge gains in the Chinese market with cross-border eCommerce.

We’ll show you how.

Our WeCommerce suite of solutions, which we created for brands of all sizes, will empower you to access the power of China’s most important social platform, WeChat.

It’ll give you all you need to start selling directly to Chinese consumers quickly and cost-effectively. WeCommerce provides everything from storefront management, through marketing and customer service, to fulfilment and reverse logistics. And you can have all this set up - without needing any physical, legal or financial presence in China - within two weeks.

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Making eCommerce work for you.

At Tong, we’ll help you make the most of your presence in China at every stage of the online selling cycle.


To start with, we’ll help you understand Chinese consumers, the sales channels open to you and how to tap into the power of influencers and group buying. We’ll then work with you to differentiate your product and stand out in this crowded market.


The next stage is to establish your official, verified WeChat account and integrate this with your China-facing mobile eCommerce storefront. This will ensure a seamless user experience with fast China hosting and cross-border mobile payment solutions. And, there’s no need for a Chinese business licence.


With our industry-leading creative work and influencer marketing expertise, we’ll now start driving visitors to your site. By funnelling consumers through a multi-channel social strategy and collaborating with online celebrities and brand ambassadors, we’ll raise your profile – and sales – across China.


WeCommerce will guide your customers through an easy buying experience and enable you to provide responsive customer service. This in turn will help you cultivate a community of brand advocates, extend your reach through social sharing, and generate repeat sales.


Use our logistics network and expertise for delivery, customs clearance and product returns. WeCommerce’s back end integration and cross-border payment systems make the whole process painless for you and your customers.

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